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❝friends only❞
Hey there! Do we know each other?
Feel free to comment to be added, then! Just let me know where I know you from, since actually using journals seems out of vogue, so I don't know who's who.
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comments screened for privacy!
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Happy holidays! To celebrate the holidays, I'm offering anyone that stops by the chance to give me up to 15 images to icon!

I say that instead of 15 icons just because I'm likely to do several crops of each... Just make an imgur album, a mediafire zip, whatever is most convenient for you! Please also include the series, since that'll make it easier for me to share these on my icon community when I get around to that. If you need examples of my icons, my icon community is [community profile] iconography.

And finally, since most of the people that will be stopping by here are my friends, I hope you have a wonderful holiday. This is my way to give people I know a little present, since it's not possible for me to send gifts or letters to everyone I know. Thanks for being my friend, since I do truly feel blessed to have come to meet so many cool and interesting people through a hobby that I love.

(Though of course, if you're just here for the icons, that's fine too, and ignore the gushy paragraph above. ♥)
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Hello friends! I've never done the holiday cards thing, but I think this year, I'd really like to... So if you'd like a holiday card or a letter (I haven't decided which I want to do) from me, leave a comment here! Please include not only your address, but also the name you'd like for me to put on the envelope! It can be your real name or just your online handle, but I do need something and I always forget to specify that part lmao...

Comments are screened for privacy (obviously), and an early happy holidays regardless!
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Give me characters and/or a pairing + a prompt, and I'll write you a sentence! Feel free to request as many as you'd like, just know that the more you give me, the longer it might take to get them all. Fandom stuff, RP stuff, anything cross-canon you'd like, hit me up!
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Happy Holidays, plurk! While I would love to be able to send you all a gift, 1) mail is expensive 2) not everyone will let me creep on them with an address, how rude!! But no, seriously, even though I may not be able to send a physical gift, I want to at least give one! So for you, feel free to request up to two manga scans or what have you for me to color, and I will happily do so. ♥

uhhh and if you have to stumble upon this, just to be clear, this is only for people on my plurklist! so yeah.

Link to Scan: Here
Color Reference

And here are some examples of things I colored for fun!

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This post is open indefinitely so feel free to put in as many requests as you'd like, whenever! Please fill out the box below, leaving the theme section blank if you want a soundtrack that just fits the personality of your character instead of a particular aspect. Additionally, if it's a soundtrack for game CR/a canon relationship/etc, leave some info describing it in the relationship section.

FSTs will be 5-10 songs and include a cover!

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